January 24, 2017

Email Marketing

You’ve got mail

As part of an integrated digital marketing strategy, email marketing is more important than ever, because, today, everyone carries their inbox with them in their Smartphone. Targeting people while they’re on-the-move can be particularly effective because it allows you to communicate with mobile users in real time.

Research: Seven out of ten people said they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email.

However, just spamming potential customers with emails isn’t the way to go about it. Email needs to targeted, relevant and contain engaging information the recipient wants to receive. At Webaholics, we can show you exactly how to do that.

Few marketing tools are more cost-effective as email

In marketing, email is an exceptional good value compared to other marketing tools when it comes to ROI. And because we analyse every aspect of our email campaigns, we already have the data and insights to ensure that your campaign gets the best possible results and you get an even greater return on your investment.

Typically we segregate our email campaigns into three main stages more maximum effectiveness. Firstly, we need to target, compile and verify a database of emails addresses. There are number of ways of doing this, for instance, via social media. Secondly, we use the most appropriate technology to add features such as personalisation, or embedded images to drive recipients to respond. And finally, we use tracking tools to see just how well the campaign performed and how we can do better next time. All of this ensures you see the best possible results.

See below for the prices you might expect to encounter:

Database: £100
Fulfilment: £150
Management: £100
Full email marketing campaign cost: £350
Average price per contact: 7p*

The average cost above is based on sending to around 5000 contacts. Some agencies will require a minimum number of contacts and prices may also vary between agencies for each service. Naturally, you can also expect a different price if you do not use all of the services listed.

£100 / month




1 email campaign

Sending to maximum 5,000 recipients (per campaign)

Amendments to current newsletter

£150 / month




1 email campaign

Sending to maximum 10,000 recipients (per campaign)

Amendments to current newsletter

£225 / month




1 email campaign

Sending to maximum 20,000 recipients (per campaign)

Amendments to current newsletter

Put the power of email to work for your business with Webaholics.

Talk to us about your requirements on 0208 150 3774 or email info@webaholics.co.uk.