November 21, 2016

Our Work

Show visitors what you are made of with engaging interactive design. Having a good product or service is one thing, having a great brand is what sells it. Our designers are addicted to creating beautiful, multi-functional websites that are specifically designed for one thing - to help you achieve your goals. Which means, whatever it is you do, you can do it better with Webaholics.

Local SEO

Google Business Listing

Local SEO is a form of local online marketing. A Google business listing allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers.

CRS Display, a banner printing company, came to us in the hope that we could promote their services to local customers. CRS Display are currently enjoying phone calls and orders.

Travel Website

Travel Web Development

A travel website depends heavily on imagery to promote products, and web design is a huge part of this.

Sun n Sand Tours came to us in the hope that we could deliver a website to promote their services to a national audience.

Website essentials: Search filters, predictive search, beautiful images, special offers, simple calendars

YouTube SEO

Video Search

In the apartment industry, video marketing is hot. YouTube is the second largest search engine, video search optimisation is a necessity.

Client: Maykenbel Properties

What we did: Ranked the penthouse video in a top position

Search: "Penthouse hire in London"