January 26, 2017

Email Services

Make a Professional Impression in All Your Communications

While email hasn’t completely removed the need for traditional mail, it’s now a vital part of every business, facilitating instant, low cost, communication and allowing records to be kept for reference purposes. It can always be an important part of your branding identity. Once you’ve a domain name for your brand, it makes sense to add some matching email addresses to ensure consistency across your branding and make your electronic communications look more professional.

Litmus: 53% of Emails Opened on Mobile; Outlook Opens Decrease 33%.

Of course, email campaigns are an excellent, low cost, way to market your business and if those emails come from a branded email address, then it can add much more credibility and elicit more trust in the recipient than if they come from a generic email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo!.

Communicate your brand

Getting the most from your email means knowing all the options. New technology means that email can do a lot more than it used to be able to do. While attachment, labels and filters are all useful for business, so is security, spam filtering and advanced features such as personalisation, scheduled mailings and integration with other applications.

At Webaholics, we’ll make sure you get an email service that meets the needs of your business and offers real advantages over a standard email service. What’s more, we can even offer support and training on the best ways to manage email across all your operations.

Get an email service that’s built for your business with Webaholics.

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