January 19, 2017

Web Applications

Got a business? We’ve an App for that.

Apps are big business. But there’s also a big difference between web apps and mobile apps. They play very different roles, so it’s not simply a case of adapting a web app so it can run on a mobile device. There are technical differences too to take into consideration. For example, a web app needs an Internet connection while a mobile app doesn’t, and the coding language used is very different.

To get the best solution for your business, you need someone with niche-specific expertise in both disciplines. Which is why you need to talk to Webaholics. Our team love the challenge of coming up with new and innovative ways to use apps to drive business.

Even in the face of growing mobile usage, web apps are still big business. Research: Desktop usage has dropped annually by an average of 9.3 percentage.

You’ll be ‘appy you talked to Webaholics

Investing in a digital app as part of your digital marketing strategy is a big step, but there are huge benefits (and profits) that can be derived. The technology has evolved greatly and, hardly a month goes by, without new technologies creating innovative features and functionality that can all help your business do better.

At Webaholics, we’ve invested in the resources and talent needed to make sure we are at the very cutting edge of app technology. We understand the best approach required when developing a web app, especially in relation to how the app fits in with the rest of your digital strategy and business model.

The right web apps can open up a profitable new revenue stream for your business.

Find out how by calling 0208 150 3774, or email info@webaholics.co.uk.